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Landspeed Heroes

Ride along with amateur and professional speed freaks as they try to set Land Speed Records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. We follow their roller coaster of emotions as their cars and motorcycles get tuned up, break down, catch on fire and eventually go fast. From big budget streamliners to soccer moms in hot rods we’ll introduce you to a wide array of drivers. Each one has a different reason for being out on the salt flats, but what they have in common is a passion for pushing the limits of their vehicles and themselves.

Episode 1 – “Fastest at the Flats”

Meet Ken Duttweiler and his incredible engine

Speed Demon is the fastest car at the flats and most of that is thanks to the engine builder: Ken Duttweiler. Ken explains how these days to be a good mechanic, you have to be handy with a wrench and a laptop.

Episode 2 – “Rookies”

Emergency Escape Drill

What would you do if you were inside a race car going 150 miles an hour and the engine burst into flames? Could you shut down the engine, stop the car, remove the steering wheel, unbuckle your safety belts and climb out of the car? Check out driver Bob Dally practicing the critical escape drill in his 1967 Barracuda.

Episode 3 – “Here comes the World”

How we can all help “Save the Salt”

Russ Deane explains why salt is disappearing from the Bonneville Salt Flats… and what is being done to preserve this incredible natural treasure.

Episode 4 – “Beauty and Brains”

Everyone Loves Hot Rods

The cars that race at the Bonneville Salt Flats are increasingly high-tech. but the tradition of “Hot Rodding” is still alive and well. This is not a show for “Garage Queens” these are spectacular cars that actually go out and get dirty.

Episode 5 – “It’s a Family Thing”

Hudson Boys Keep Cool

Temperatures on the Bonneville Salt Flats exceed 100 degrees every day during Speed Week. Keeping drivers cool inside their fire-proof driving suits is critical. The Hudson Boys do it with a bunch of rubber tubes and a beer cooler!

Episode 6 – “Money, Money, Money”

Disneyland for Gearheads

Jerry Winter explains why Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats is like an amusement park for drivers, riders and mechanics. He’s a husband and a father that wants to bring his family to the “Great White Dyno.”

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